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With innovative concepts, inspired designs, seamless operations, and strategic marketing, we help build and shape the world’s leading hospitality brands. For 36 years, we’ve been creating restaurants, bars, hotels, and cafés. Our partners include brands like Kempinski Hotels, Jamie Oliver Group and The Hungarian State Opera. 
For further informations, please contact our CEO at roy@zsidai.com


It all starts with a brilliant idea: the insight that will unlock your brand’s full potential. We use market research, strategic analysis, and a big serving of creativity to produce a defining vision.

Interior design

Our interior design team creates immersive, delightful experiences that inspire guests from their very first impression to their 100th visit. We create aesthetically beautiful and functional spaces.

Branding + Marketing

We’ll work with you to create a roadmap for success, from generating meaningful buzz for your opening day to setting a strategic marketing plan for long-term profitability.

Restaurant Operations

We help you setup and fine-tune the details of your restaurant’s service model. Our team of industry experts will ensure your space thrives as a profit center. From developing the details of your F&B program to pricing and managing recruitment, training, and organization, we’re with you every step of the way.


We operate and also develope franchises, we localize global concepts and ideas. We learn the market and adapt the global ideas to local markets' needs.


We have 35 successful years of experience in hospitality. We had the opportunity to meet with the best professionals, business partners and suppliers in the market. We only work and cooperate with the best people and companies because we believe this is an indispensable element of a successful operation.


For further informations, please contact our CEO at roy@zsidai.com


Zsidai Group
Hungarian State Opera
Jamie Oliver Group

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