It is very important to the Zsidai family and the Zsidai Group to help disadvantaged but talented young people so that they have the same opportunity as others. We support several foundations and initiatives with the same mission. We would like to draw people’s attention to such problems and challenges, and we would really like to impact young people’s lives.  


The other big issue that is key in our company is the children’s food supply. We are proud of our ingredients and producers and we truly believe that showing children the healthy eating is a must.

Cooperating with Jamie Oliver made us realize that we can make changes even if it takes time.

Nemzetközi Gyermekmentő Szolgálat

Owner Ilona Zsidai has been a long-term supporter of The ‘Nemzetközi Gyermekmentő Szolgálat’ (International Children’s Care) that helps disadvantaged children in Hungary to have a better education and to start their carriers with even chance. In 2019 our company joined the foundation’s Scholarship Program where we help four talented but disadvantaged children from the age of 7 till their final exams in universities to have a better opportunity in their studies.

Bátor Tábor returns cancer-afflicted and chronically ill children to their carefree childhoods. They camp is not a summer camp in the classical meaning of the term. They place children outside of their comfort zones through special experiences. By overcoming their fears, they can recognise that they are ready to confront not only the challenges involved in their adventures, but also their illness. They put smiles on their faces; they give them power for their struggle. They change lives. We are happy to support the foundation’s work and through them, to support children.

Bátor Tábor

UNICEF Kilátó Program

UNICEF is known for its worldwide programs but in 2018 they launched the ‘Kilátó Program’ (Lookout Program) where they show disadvantaged children the beauty of the world and the opportunities in life by introducing them people and places. They travel to big cities, visit museums, eat in restaurants and talk to as many people as they can so that they see the possibilities. We are happy to provide one great experience to them every year.

Only 4% of the young gypsies are white collar workers - that is why Roy Zsidai’s former company, Boston Consulting Group launched the Integrom Program to give chance and show opportunities to young, educated and talented romanies to work in big, multinational companies. We believe in equality in the workforce and we are proud to help spread Integrom’s mission.

Integrom Program

Zsidai Blood Donation

“The heroes give their blood” - says the Hungarian Red Cross’s slogan. We are not heroes but we really like to help. So we organize twice in a year a blood donation where our colleagues join with a lots of love.

“Shoebox Acition” (Cipősdoboz Akció) is one of the biggest social donation campaign in Hungary around the festive season. Everybody can put little gifts in a shoebox, wrap in and give age and gender of the child, who want to surprise. Our colleges collect every year the shoeboxes and bring them to the donate points.

Cipősdoboz Akció


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