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Best hungarian restaurants in Budapest

The best Hungarian restaurants in Budapest are the ideal place for visitors to get a taste of Hungary's rich gastronomic heritage and enjoy the meeting of tradition and gastronomy at a table.

Best hungarian restaurants in Budapest

Cosy restaurants in Budapest: the best places to eat if you're looking for a cosy restaurant

The best restaurants are not only known for their quality. To combine good cuisine and a cosy restaurant is the real challenge of what we call Hospitality! Discover our best places in the capital and visit us for some delicious food and the experience of a lifetime!

cosy restaurants budapest

Small Budapest wedding venue: a happy 'i do', in a small family, in the perfect location

Looking for a small Budpest wedding venue for the big day of your life, where you can celebrate with family and close friends? Here are our top wedding restaurants in Buda Castle!

Budapest wedding venues

Restaurant Buda Castle - we show you the restaurants to visit in the Buda Castle district!

Looking for the best restaurant in Buda Castle? In our round-up, we give you a few words about the best places for a nice lunch or a super dinner!

restaurant buda castle

The best birthday dinner Budapest

Is your friend, loved one or loved relative's birthday coming up? Give the gift of an experience! A memorable birthday party or a birthday lunch or dinner in a nice atmosphere is always a good choice. And if you're looking for the right birthday party venue in Budapest, we can give you some ideas.

birthday dinner budapest

Restaurant Buda: here are the best restaurants on the Buda side!

Looking for a restaurant in Buda? Check out our top restaurants and bistros in Buda, worth a visit if you're in the area!

restaurant buda

Small Budapest weddings: here are the best restaurants and venues for small weddings!

A small wedding can have a lot of advantages over a huge one. The atmosphere is much more intimate, the list of guests is much less stressful (no one will be offended if everyone knows they're celebrating a wedding in a small family!), and costs can be optimised more comfortably if you don't have to spread them over hundreds of people....

Budapest wedding

Meeting rooms Budapest: here are the best restaurants with private rooms for rent

Some events require privacy and a dignified venue to celebrate together. Whether it's a large family gathering, a birthday party or a business meeting, restaurants with private rooms in the capital are a great alternative to enjoy each other's company without the distraction of other guests! If you're organising such an event and haven't found the...

meeting rooms Budapest

Romantic restaurants in Budapest: top 3 restaurants to check out

A romantic dinner is the perfect occasion, whether you want to get to know each other a little better or just want to spend some quality time with your partner. Which restaurant suits you best is a matter of taste - and we encourage you to find your own favourite, whether it's a delicious lunch or a romantic dinner venue.

romantic restaurant budapest

Venue rental: discover the best venues in Budapest!

A major event, whether you are planning to celebrate with family or colleagues, often requires a special venue. If you're in the process of organising your own, check out our best venues for rent where you can celebrate together!

event venue budapest

Buda Castle restaurants: here are the best places to eat in the Castle District

The most beautiful quarter of Budapest is waiting for you! Discover the restaurants, attractions and facilities of Buda Castle on a weekend trip or an afternoon outing. We show you where to eat when you're in the Buda Castle district!

Buda Castle restaurant

Budapest venues- here are the best restaurants and event venues!

What kind of venue do you have in mind for your event? Do you want to hold your event in an elegant restaurant with a large capacity, or in a casual bistro or a private room for hire? Whether you're planning a fun wedding, a cool party or a corporate event, there's plenty to choose from in terms of style and options at Zsidai Group's...

budapest venues

Hungarian restaurant in Budapest: meet the 21 Hungarian Kitchen, our authentic Hungarian restaurant

If you are looking for a real Hungarian restaurant - and not an overly Hungarian one - if you want to taste Hungarian classics of the highest quality, we welcome you at 21!

Hungarian restaurant Budapest

Small Buda Castle wedding- We show you our best dinner venues!

The big day of your life calls for a special place - and what could be more special in and around our capital than the incomparable beauty of Buda Castle? Discover our most beautiful wedding venues and restaurants in this area and celebrate your big day with us!


small Buda Castle wedding

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