We plan for the long term

We plan for the long term

It’s important for everyone that our ecological footprint be as small as possible. We have taken significant steps to help achieve a greener, more sustainable reality.

We plan for the long term


It’s important for everyone that our ecological footprint be as small as possible. We have taken significant steps to help achieve a greener, more sustainable reality. What changes are you making?

Across the day-to-day operations of our restaurants and hotels, we place a high priority on protecting and restoring the planet and radically reducing waste. What is our daily approach?


We work only with Hungarian suppliers and whenever possible, with local materials and ingredients


We strive to use only seasonal, local materials and work with Hungarian suppliers who, like us, are environmentally conscious, reducing the amount of waste they generate through transportation and packaging.


All of our seafood products are shipped in Styrofoam instead of cardboard. The Styrofoam is then re-used, helping to eliminate paper waste.


Our vegetables are shipped in a plastic crate instead of paper, which also helps cut down waste. We send these crates back to the supplier when we are expecting another shipment.


Our seafood supplier only provides us with sustainable, MSC-certified products. This helps combat overfishing and environmental exhaustion while maintaining a natural relationship between species.


We buy our coffee only from sustainable, fair-trade farms. Not only are these products high-quality, but they value workers’ rights.


By working solely with Hungarian suppliers who provide us with Hungarian products whenever possible, our shipping system is by design environmentally friendly.


We recycle and avoid using single-use plastics


We prepare all of our drinks so that they can be enjoyed without the need for a straw. For those guests who do request one we will provide a 100 percent biodegradable version.


With our suppliers shipping to us in re-usable plastic crates, we help eliminate the need for paper and plastic packaging.


All of our soft drink bottles are collected in specially designated receptacles, allowing our suppliers to redeem and re-use them.


We participate in a novel glass-courier program, which aims to return non-returnable bottles—like those used to carry wine—to the appropriate supplier or processing plant. This form of waste collection is especially effective since it is directly handed over instead of first passing through the Metropolitan Public Utility.


We strive for energy efficiency by using energy-saving systems and equipment


When building a mechanical system, we incorporate a heat recovery element in all of our restaurants, which uses up to 80 to 90 percent less energy to produce heating, hot water, and cooling capabilities.


A local or central grease trap is used to drain all grease-free matter into the sewage system for long-term operation.


All of our restaurants use induction stoves instead of the traditional gas versions.


We use a proper waste management system that can reduce restaurant waste to nearly zero


Our kitchen waste, including used cooking oil, is specially collected and transported to a dedicated sewage plant in Budapest, where biogas is produced in a silo.


We collect all our paper cartons and then ship them separately for recycling.


We have a waste compactor to maximize the use of our bins, meaning we need 30 percent fewer containers that require removal less frequently. This reduces the fuel amounts required for garbage transportation.


We are constantly working to discontinue all paper-based administration practices in favor of digital tools whenever possible.


We use water responsibly


Conscious water use is one of the most important elements of a sustainable operation. We are always teaching our staff how to handle water responsibly, encouraging them to turn off any faucets when running water is not necessary. Both our dishwashers and washing machines are energy-efficient and use as little water as possible.


We educate our staff about environmental awareness


In addition to having our staff comply with all sustainability rules, we train them to proactively implement environmentally-friendly changes when they detect a failure.


We plan for the long-term


As a responsible family business with future generations in mind, we plan for the long-term. While switching to energy-efficient devices is much more expensive in the short term, it will pay off in the long run.


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